Being an entrepreneur or running a business is hard. period. but often there is a side to many of us where we feel we have a voice, a passion or a yearning to spread a bigger message, generate more income for our family or we just love an extra challenge. If this is you then you have come here for a reason.

I'm here to help you get to that place where you can achieve success for yourself and your family with nourishment, sustainability and mindfulness. In most instances we can't do it all - there are skills and timings that don't warrant your stress and anxiety.. you need to focus on what you're good at and leave the nitty gritty areas you despise or aren't fluent in to someone who understands your needs and can deliver you information or services that make your life simpler and your content beautiful.



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Pro Squarespace Website

6 Week Process


  • Up to six beautiful pages (i.e Home, Services, Blog, Gallery, About, Contact)

  • Holding page while we build

  • Responsive design

  • Briefing documents incl 1 hour initial video consult + site plan

  • Basic SEO

  • Post project Video training so you don't need a developer to add/change/delete content.

  • Social Media Integration

  • Unlimited support during project


Have you been dreaming of a creative,functional and easy to manage website? This package is for a small business or mamapreneur who wants to engage with her client/audience and create an aesthetically beautiful design that captures her message and get's things moving (hello income!).



price excludes GST


+ Notes

Content, high resolution images, logo, colour palette, domain and hosting must be provided by you.

+ Process

Please see below to find out more about our procress.

Firestarter one page website

2 Week Process


  • An awesome impactful single page design

  • Responsive design

  • Briefing documents incl 20 min initial video consult

  • Basic SEO

  • Form integration (sign up, contact etc)

  • Post project Video training

  • Social Media Integration

  • Unlimited support during project


Have you got a simple strong message, want a holding website while you work our your vision or just need to announce something then a fire starter one page website is perfect for you - we can tell big messages in one page!



price excludes GST


+ Notes

Content, high resolution images, logo, colour palette, domain and hosting must be provided by you.

+ Process

Please see below to find out more about our procress.

Firestarter single page website

Maketing 101

E-commerce Integration

We can integrate an e-commerce facility to your Squarespace site and add up to 20 products for you. We will also show you how to continue adding via video training.

$150 + GST

Website go to

Ebook Design

Want to create an epic ebook to help draw attention to your services and grow your audience? You provide the content and we'll design you a beautiful ebook with up to 8 pages.

$150 + GST

create a website

Mailchimp Email Template

You've build your list, got your content but don't have the time or maybe skills to design - we can create you a beautiful email template in Mailchimp with your custom logo and design that you can re-use.

$80 + GST

The Process


I'm all about keeping things simple + streamlined so this is a sure-fire guide to how the process will work which may vary slightly depending on project but this gives the best understanding and helps set expectations so you know what you are getting. I take on limited projects to be sure that I value each design and also balance my time (nourishment 101)


05/ Our end 

So this is where the magic happens! We will be working hard in the background doing the following for your kick-ass business. Please note; on some of these areas we will be liaising with you on the way to get your approval and make sure you are happy on how everything looks.

  • Create a holding page while we build

  • Site plan - setting out the structure of your website

  • Design guideline - fonts, spacing, colours, style

  • Placement of copy, images, logo et al

  • Connection to Mailchimp, social media, domain name

  • SEO good practices on images, headings, titles, tags

  • Revision time - we allow for up to 3 hours of changes to your website.

  • Pay remaining balance for project

  • You will get the 'keys' to your new online home

  • Email set up

  • Crack the bubbles - you are going live gorgeous!!!

  • Website testing and submission to Google

  • Half hour video recorded training session where we give you in the in's and outs of your site and how to make changes to save longterm n developer costs etc

  • Any files we used in the process will be sent to you via Goole Drive or Dropbox

01/ Initial Consultation

This will be a video or phone call where we can down pat your 'why', where you tell me about your business, what you are after specifically and your design aesthetic (visual references are great!)

02/ sign contract + pay deposit

Once we've completed our initial consultation and you've decided you want to move forward (whoop whoop!), you'll need to pay a 40% deposit to secure your spot in our creative schedule. I will also send through a digital contract for you to sign of the proposed quote and outlines of the project so we are both fully protected. Please note that deposits are non-refundable as I work hard to hold space for you and your business just as you would with your clients.

03/ Schedule baby Schedule

We will work together to set the timeline for the project and the points at which each of us have to provide our deliverables. This is an important step to make sure we are both in communication and understand how long feedback and revisions are to be made i.e if you are on a remote desert island with no wifi (jealous!) and you know you have to confirm a design then we need to work this into the schedule

04/ complete online brief + client prep

06/ CELebrate

We have just launched your new website aka digital home filled with all the gorgeous interiors you love.

Sorry to add to your list but this is an important step to save plenty of time in the long run. I will send you through a detailed design brief and questionerrie so we are on the right track. I will ask you to send through visual references of websites or designs you like or a Pinterest board. You will also need to send through:

  • High res files of your logos and photos

  • Domain name

  • Website copy

  • Colour palette

  • Font preferences